Fetch Rewards Reviews

Fetch Rewards Reviews

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Fetch Rewards is one of the top reviewed cash back and free gift card apps on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and a host of third-party sites like Trust Pilot. With over 1 million 5-star reviews, America’s favorite reward app has snapped over 1.3 billion receipts, and awarded over $73.3 million in gift cards to our users!

Fetch Rewards is passionate about helping people shop smart and save money. We designed the app so that everyone can easily and safely snap their receipts to earn free gift cards.

Keep reading to see what some of our users had to say about Fetch and how the app enabled them to save money and earn free gift cards.

Fetch Rewards User Reviews

5 Stars | Anna Smith, Play Store, Mar 14 (the most “liked” review from March – 337 “likes”)

Fetch Rewards is truly a completely free app that is as good (if not better) then how it sounds! So many gimmicks are out there it is easy to get discouraged …. However, this is the opposite! Fetch is well worth YOUR time. It is very user friendly for any level of skill and very practical. It is easy to earn reward points and furthermore to utilize! I have personally purchased over$100 in cvs rewards cards and visas . There is something for everyone! I simply can not say enough good about this


5 Stars | EJ Smith, Play Store, May 26 (the most “liked” review from May – 252 “likes”)

Fetch is an easy way to earn points towards rewards like online gift cards. Scanning receipts is simple and doesn’t take much time. I only had to download the app once and it hasn’t glitched once in the several months I’ve been using it. Each receipt is 25 points as a base but can be worth more if certain promoted products were bought. Definitely worth the download.


5 Stars | Scarlett Moore, Play Store, June 7 (122 “likes”)

You can link it to your gmail and amazon accounts and it can automatically scan for e-receipts in the last 30 days, then you can snap a picture of your paper receipts and it gives you points for scanning them. Then you can turn those points in for gift cards and stuff, I use amazon all the time, so I was excited to see that 10,000 points gets $10 on amazon. I figure everyone ends up shopping and getting receipts, so why not get a little something back from it too. Update! I got a $10 gift card!


5 Stars | Diana Myers, Play Store, Mar 12

My son asked me to join & I would get points too & he would too. At 1st I just joined to help him out, but when I figured out how to do it I was surprised on how easy it was. You can get & tried to get a Amazon gift card & a lot of different products too !! As soon as I figured it out I was on my way !!! Bonus you can snap a receipt from any store !!! Go ahead, try it & see what happens. Changed to 5 stars after they took the time to respond to my text. Ty !!!


5 Stars | KC LUTE, Play Store, April 8

Easy-to-use and a great App especially with the money I spend on groceries each week. ***Edit*** App speed has greatly improved since I first started using back in Nov. 2021.


5 Stars | Lawrence Manis, Play Store, May 18 

Great app. Have used it a lot and the deals that come up are great. Very fast response time if problems come up and quick to take care of it. Way better than Ibotta with the reciept scans. Haven’t done the redemption part yet but that’s a latter deal. No issues with being locked out of account as with Ibotta. Overall very user friendly.


5 Stars | FTMFeb2017, App Store, May 29

Rewards! I love being able to save up points for gift cards I will actually use! So many brands I love and the points systems actually makes sense. This is way more rewarding than any of my loyalty programs via brand sites. I’m addicted to snapping receipts and saving up points for Starbucks and using at Ulta, Sephora, Amazon and Target!


5 Stars | Robin Knight, Play Store, Jun 6

Love this app! Gives you a chance to earn gift cards and make new friends. Not to mention, helps you to try new products by giving you a large amount of points by buying new products or even some you may already buy. Great Find:)


5 Stars | Carolyn Regis, Play Store, Jun 8

When I started snapping my receipts, I figured it was a waste of time, then I realized that I do a lot of shopping, and the rewards could be used as gifts to my grandson and other family members. This is a great incentive for shop-a-holics, as myself. It really isn’t hardly any effort or time. Absolutely marvelous!


5 Stars | Gina Lanham, Play Store, Apr 3

It’s been a wonderful experience! I HAVE MY WHOLE FAMILY ENROLLED -they love it as well. Its nice to get rewards for things you would buy anyway! Sometimes I use the gift cards as gift, but sometimes I use them for gifts for myself or things I need. Fetch is such a great program!


5 Stars | Alicia Cass, Play Store, May 14

I am loving this app so far. Lots of fun. It’s great competition with my friends


5 Stars | MamaBizzle, App Store, Jun 8

Fetch is truly so fun for everyone. I now ask for a receipt when checking out everywhere and my kids love to see how many points we get from different stores. It’s so awesome and I now catch myself checking the app for the best bonus points and buying those products especially since most of those products are products we frequently buy. Can’t wait to get my first Card.


5 Stars | CreoleGirl1961, App Store, Jun 4

This is the coolest and easiest app ever! I’m racking up points for a specific item. It’s fun and easy. Coolest thing since shaved ice. 😂


5 Stars | MrReddddd, App Store, May 31

This is so easy it’s really lot of fun. I can’t believe just how much I can get from receipts I would normally just trash or decline taking it all together. It’s amazing how many points I can get from my simple receipts toward actual treasure in the way of Gift Certificates for all the stores, restaurants, grocery store, and every thing I can imagine is covered. I can literally get anything.

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