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Faces of Fetch: Sabreen Haziq

Faces of Fetch: Sabreen Haziq

Faces of Fetch

Faces of Fetch is a recurring series allowing you to get to know the team behind Fetch Rewards’ success.

Meet Sabreen Haziq, Director of Executive Brand Marketing, our socially connected leader on the marketing team who oversees the vision and brand management of Wes Schroll, Fetch Rewards’ CEO.

Sabreen, please tell us about you! What’s your background?

My journey started from creative content production and led me to social media marketing and branding. Social Media has always been my jam, especially since I have a Masters in Social Media culture and society, and over the years I’ve enjoyed working on organic and paid campaigns focused on brand awareness and lead generation for business.

Why Fetch? Why did you join the team that’s built America’s #1 Rewards app?

Let me just say this: Fetch is the BEST company I’ve ever worked for. I was presenting in a meeting when I got a LinkedIn InMail from a Fetch recruiter and the rest is history. They practice everything they stand for as part of the company culture, and that is very hard to find these days. They are committed to building a people-first culture that empowers workers through trust, accountability, transparency, and unlimited opportunities for growth.

Aside from that, the opportunity to work for a visionary leader like Wes Schroll, the Fetch CEO, who has achieved so much in such a short span of time – that was priceless to me. I get to learn from the best!

What do you do at Fetch? What’s a typical day like for you at Fetch Rewards? 

I work on Executive Brand Marketing for our awesome CEO, Wes Schroll, focused on stewarding the integrated marketing strategy to establish a strong CEO brand identity across all social channels and beyond. A typical day starts with going through my Slack messages and emails, followed by updating my project trackers/ tickets and making sure all the resources are aligned for upcoming campaigns. I also work on a running list of latest updates for my Manager and Wes to keep them abreast with all the awesome we’re up to.

Sabreen Haziq

How do you make a difference at Fetch?

I am true to the Fetch value that you must always challenge ideas and not people. I try to bring my best foot forward every single day, offer constructive criticism when appropriate while also welcoming all feedback to get even better at what I do. Aside from that, I know that Fetch is making a huge impact on the lives of so many end users who use the rewards they earn from the app in unprecedented ways. Whether you’re a single mom trying to buy supplies, a retired veteran, or a student who’s trying to make something extra on the side – the fact that I’m part of that life storyline, makes me proud and makes me feel like I am a change agent too.

To be an extraordinary Fetcher, what qualities does one need to have to be wildly successful?

The perfect recipe includes the enthusiasm to snap, the strong desire to save, and an eagerness to earn some well-deserved self-love!

What inspires you at Fetch?  

The PEOPLE who work so hard to make sure we reward our end users for decades to come. We’re working hard for you!

Let’s talk about tips & tricks. As a Fetch employee (and insider expert), tell us about how you use the Fetch Rewards app.

Instead of just going to the store and buying the usual brands, I explore my Special Offers in the app to see if there’s room to get what I need AND earn some extra points.

What do you love about the app?

It makes shopping fun! Going to the store is like a treasure hunt now – especially when I’m looking for products listed in my special offers. It is such a delight when I find what I’m looking for AND get rewarded at the same time. It’s a sweet deal.

Do you remember your biggest points haul? How did you get it?

Clio Greek Yogurt bars from BJ’s! I can’t even imagine how many points I missed out on all these years. Those yogurt bars got me a fresh pair of Nike! Well, actually Fetch did.

How do you get people to use your referral code?

Anytime I meet someone new, I get them to sign up on the spot. Call me an eager beaver!

How do you use your Fetch Rewards?   

Nike, Columbia and Garmin!

What insider tips, tricks or hacks can you share with our Fetch Fam?

Tap into your close circle of friends first, and get them to sign up- easy way to earn thousands of points! It’s a win-win for you and them.

An easy way to earn quick rewards is by referring friends and family to Fetch. You’ll get thousands of points for everyone who signs up and they’ll start earning rewards, too. It’s a win-win!

And what should a Fetcher avoid?

When you refer a friend, make sure they also start snapping because the referral points only get credited to your account if your friend snaps their first receipt.


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